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Hello My Friends,

Many of you will say, has it been that long since Kelly Tinyes was found murdered in the Golub house on Horton Road? Kelly’s family and friends will tell you that it has been 24 years of mourning, injustice and betrayal by our so-called law enforcement representatives in Nassau County; starting with his ’eminence’ DA Denis Dillon and continuing with the current ‘two-faced’ ingenuous hypocrite,  occupying the DA’s throne; Kathleen Rice.

Rice is keeping the investigation open for only one reason; so that she can keep prying eyes from the case files. Those files, if they still exist would show how the investigation and subsequent trial of Robert Golub was  orchestrated by Denis Dillon and his henchmen. Then we have the “re-opening” of the Kelly Tinyes murder case by newly elected, naive Kathleen Rice. The publicity was front page news across the country. New evidence has been found! A new witness is working with our office it was stated!

The Nassau County DA’s office did conduct a new investigation, I cannot take that away from them, but what they found as far as the Nassau County Police investigation; that information has never been disclosed to anyone outside of the NCDA’s office. I am told that the new investigation and its findings were presented to a “Secret Grand Jury” and that Grand Jury chose not to indict anyone, based on “what was presented to them” by the “Special Prosecutor.”

John J. Golub skates away again with the blessing’s, this time of Kathleen Rice and her minions. Why you ask? What is so special about John J. Golub? The answer is a simple, nothing! I, and others believe that a monumental  can of worms was uncovered by the investigators re-opening the case, and the ill-advised decision was made not to venture any further into the abyss of Kathleen’s predecessor Denis Dillon.

Dillon’s 30 some odd year reign as Nassau County’s chief law enforcement officer reminds me of another person with too much power, for too long; J. Edgar Hoover. He was feared by just about every U.S. President he served; as head of the FBI.

It was inferred by the NCDA that new evidence was needed to indict John J. Golub for Kelly’s murder. Physical or circumstantial evidence that would stand up to the scrutiny of a sophisticated jury. After many months, new evidence came to light, everyone involved was enthusiastic. This will put it over the top!

Well, for reasons only known to those close to Kathleen and her cohorts, nothing happened, the only thing that went over the top, were the blood pressures of the Tinyes family and myself. It seems to me, that Rice is too afraid to yank the lid off this can of worms and deal with it. What is she afraid of? Are careers going to be ruined by disclosures of judicial misconduct, 24 years in the past? Most, if not all of the Nassau County Police Officials are either retired or dead. One would think that continuing the coverup would lead to her complicity.

The Judge in the Robert Golub murder trial was Marvin I. Goodman, he died in 2007. He presided over the orchestrated courtroom ballet that took place between the NCDA prosecutor Dan Cotter and Golub’s ‘defense’ attorney Sal Marinello. Dan Cotter, I am told, has moved to Florida. Sal Marinello is still practicing his brand of criminal defense law in Nassau County. Marinello stated recently that he didn’t recall details of the Golub case, when asked why John J. Golub was never summoned to the courtroom to testify for the defense or prosecution? He stated that during his career he’s had many big cases, he cannot remember the details of the Golub trial. Bullshit!

All of the courtroom theatrics played out perfectly, the jury was presented with a landmark case. It was the first time DNA evidence was used to help obtain a conviction in New York State. It is my belief that at the beginning of Robert Golub’s trial, an agreement was reached between both sides, that Robert would be the sacrificed, so that John J. could go free. I also believe that John Jay, on advice of counsel fully cooperated with police, giving them a statement and submitting to a lie detector test. None of these results were ever presented in court or even acknowledged to exist.

I know it sounds as though I am trying to make a defense case for Robert, wrong! It is this scenario, I believe Kathleen Rice is afraid of. A scenario that might give Robert the opportunity for a new trial. The DA’s office will do anything to keep Robert behind bars for life. Rightfully so! But not at the expense of letting John J. go free. Afterall, he admitted to multiple people that he called Kelly to come to his house the day of her murder.

I believe that this was a planned event, not to murder Kelly, but to have sex with her. The day before the murder John J. witnessed one of the boys (either McMahon or Bataan) having some sort of sexual relations with a girl at her home. This was the same home where John J. stole several marijuana joints from the girls parents dresser drawer. It was John J’s plan to have just Glen McMahon come to his home that day, but Bataan insisted on coming along.

It is my belief, based on factual evidence that John J. wanted to prove his masculinity to his friends and older brother, the same older brother (Robert) who had raped him both (orally and anally)  years earlier. Although it was somewhat consensual, a minor cannot give consent. Does anyone else think that this interfered with John J’s  psychosexual development? The parents sent Robert to see a psychiatrist after discovering his trysts with the younger brother.

Upon entering the Golub house on the day of the murder, both McMahon and Bataan testified that there was really no conversation between John J. and Robert, other than Robert handing John J. a cut slip from his school. Robert was by the front door reading the mail, when they arrived. This leads me to believe that the plan to have Kelly come to the house had been discussed at an earlier time. Kelly was not known by anyone to be promiscuous. In fact she was a virgin.

So what happened when Kelly entered through the front door of the Golub house and the door was closed?

These are John J. Golub’s ‘hypothetical’ thoughts on what happened that day: Verbatim, from a tape recorded interview.  He went way beyond hypothetical.

Question:  What do you think happened that day?

Answer: Upstairs it’s really hard to hear, mother would call and brothers would not hear a thing. The music was on loud in brother’s room.

Question: Why would Kelly be in your house?

Answer: Probably come to see me, if someone called her and said they were me, she would have come over.

Question: Don’t you think that Kelly would have recognized it wasn’t you?

Answer: I don’t think so cause I hadn’t talked to her in a while. I called her like twenty times, it’s not like I talked to her everyday on the phone.

Question: Let’s say your brother did make the phone call and she came to the house, what do you think happened then?

Answer: She probably came in the door, ya know opened the door, she came in and I don’t know maybe, whatever he said, she asked where I was or where we were, he said down the basement…cause the struggle had to have started in the basement or else you know we would have heard it. Probably on the middle floor, so I figure it had to be pretty much in the basement.

Question: But the music is playing upstairs?

Answer: Right and plus there’s no like. really nothing was broken in the middle floor or anything. There would have been no time to clean up anything, because we had come down and gone in the kitchen, so if something was messed up there, you know we would have noticed.

Question: Why would your brother invite her over at the most inappropriate time to do this? It’s even an inappropriate time for you. If you called her.

Answer: I don’t know

Question: Alright, so he tells her you are down in the basement, she goes down in the basement, what do you think happen’s then?

Answer: I don’t know maybe…It was like a…like the…I think the first hit or whatever was like an accident and from there, you know…

Question: How could it be an accident?

Answer: I don’t know, I have no clue. Maybe she fell down the stairs or whatever, or he pushed her down the stairs, anything…it might have been an accident…and then because of that… you know like even if she did fall down the stairs and he didn’t do anything wrong…you know…What’s she gonna tell her parents…You know what I mean?

Question: Was there something there…?

Answer: The steps are steep, if you’ve never gone down them before…Yoy know maybe you’d fall and if you did fall, you’s get hurt. There’s a cement floor down there, the carpet is over it, so maybe you know, she got hurt and he thought, oh shit, what am I gonna, what’s she gonna tell her parents, ya know, John’s not even down there, he doesn’t even know they’re comin over, ya know, then it got a little out of control, out of fear or…

Question: Why do all the rest of it?

Answer: I don’t know.

Question: Why go through this whole procedure…I mean her clothes were taken off…?

Answer: Maybe to make it look like some sicko did it. That’s why I think all that stuff, cause that is the…Ya know what I mean? I can’t see how anyone could be that sick to actually want to do that, ya know, then bother to clean it up, if you’re gonna be that sick to actually want to do that, then why not leave it like that, you know why bother cleaning it up, it seems like you’re only making more work for yourself.

Int: Answer: cause you might get caught.

JJG: Answer: And then why do it in the first place, I mean why not…you’re gonna get caught anyway if you don’t…I don’t know I just couldn’t see someone doing that and then cleaning it up…it’s already half cleaned, if you just leave it the way it is, you know before you mutilate her. I don’t know how clean it would be, but it’s cleaner than all the blood and everything and if you’re gonna clean it up anyway, why not just leave it like that, but if that is your thing and that’s what you want to do, then why not just leave it like that.

Question: Do you think that your brother would have a thing for somebody like Kelly?

Answer: I don’t think so, I think I would have…

Question: Did he like younger girls like that?

Answer: Not really…He never went out with a girl considerably younger than him.

Question: Did he ever make any comments about Kelly? Ya know, she had a nice ass, she had nice tits?

Answer: Never

Question: Did he ever ask you to invite her over?

Answer: No.


I hope that posting the above interview gives you some insight, as to why we will never give up the fight for justice, for Kelly and her family.

If the Nassau County District Attorney’s Office does not agree with the posting of John J’s recorded comments, you know where to find me, and my lawyer.

God Bless Kelly Ann Tinyes and her family!!!


The Last Boy Scout



Hello My Friends,

The Kelly Ann Tinyes Reward Committee has decided to offer the standing $50.000 reward to  former Nassau County Detectives who were involved in the original murder investigation in 1989. The reward will be paid for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of John J. Golub for his participation in this cruel and sadistic murder.

As previously stated  on our reward site This is on a “First come – First Served” basis. All inquiries will be kept strictly confidential.

I know for a fact that many of the detectives involved in the early, as well as the latter stages of the investigation were sickened by the “Free Pass” that was given to John J. Golub.It was explained to me that the DA, then, the infamous Denis Dillon felt that a jury would not take two “sons” away from a mother, so “half a loaf is better than none”.

Now that tells me that they had the evidence to arrest and try John J. Golub, but chose to put all their efforts into convicting his older brother Robert. I would not be surprised if Robert Golub approved of the deal. Also, there is no way that old man Golub didn’t know every detail of the agreement.

Since the current DA Katleeen Rice has chosen not to open this can of worms, oh, excuse me, she lifted the lid, then slammed it back down once she saw the shitstorm inside.

How many of you retired NCPD detectives could use an extra fifty grand for telling the truth about this case? How many of you need to get it off of your conscience that you stood by and allowed his Eminence Denis Dillon to trash the law, the same laws that you and he swore to uphold? You all tarnished you badges when you let that happen, you were cowards then and you are cowards now. You know who you are! This will all come out, it will not be contained much longer, so you might as well profit from it.

If I had been on the homicide squad when this all went down, I would have turned in my tin and opened my mouth. I would have never let the person who lured Kelly Ann to her death, walk away, with a paid for college education to boot. Time to fess up boys. You are not going to face any criminal charges for telling the truth.

                                                                                                                                                               First come – First served !

I’m waiting with $50,000 in my account to be paid to somebody with guts and honor. 

The Last Boy Scout



Hello My Friends,

So far nothing from “Google” in reference to the removal of the videos posted on “YouTube” So we have decided to pay out-of-pocket for the right to post these videos. If there is any interference from a Law Enforcement Agency, it will be met with a lawsuit.  Although I have no reason to think that may be the case, I’ll put them on notice anyway. Nothing, I repeat nothing will stop our efforts to get Justice For Kelly and her family!!

Here are the URL’s for the most recent videos.           Steve Bataan:  court testimony (just over an hour in length)           Steve Bataan:  Excerpts from the one hour tape            Steve Bataan: Excerpt and a later telephone interview with Bataan, where he changes the length of time and the amount of times John J. Golub was out of room on March 3, 1989.

                                                                         Also,  Bataan describes when he attempted to go down the stairs into the basement of the Golub house and John J. Golub freaked out on him.    

That’s it for now, up next: Glenn McMahon.


I will be back and back again !!

The Last Boy Scout




Hello My Friends,

You Tube for some reason deleted the video account  we were using, without explanation, so far. We are in the process of re-posting the videos to another account, possibly right here on WordPress.

We are waiting for Google to respond to us, with a valid reason for this action. I will post more information as it becomes available. Nothing! I repeat Nothing will stop us until we get…..


The Last Boy Scout

Steve Bataan Trial Testimony-versus-Taped Interview 5 Years Later # (2) Hear how John J. Golub Freaked Out!


Hello My Friends,

Here is another segment of the telephone interview and court testimony by Steve Bataan.  In this segment Bataan reveals that he had informed the ADA Dan Cotter of the lengths of time that John J Golub left the room where they were smoking pot and how many times.

In addition Bataan states that after making a telephone call to his mother, he attempted to go downstairs to the basement of the Golub house.

At which time John J. freaked,  stating  “You can’t go down the stairs, what the fuck you think you’re doing, this is my house, what are you doing  going down the stairs, you can’t go into the basement!”

Bataan states that the ADA was aware of all of this. So where was John J Golub, did anybody see him or hear any of this in court?  Did Robert Golub’s defense attorney Salvatore Marinello know this information?

Chances are, he knew it all and more. A deal had to have been cut to leave John J. out of the trial and Robert Golub had to be part of that deal. In other words “keep my brother out of court and I’ll keep my mouth shut.” Probably because John J. would have buried him and himself if he testified. That’s my opinion! And I’m sticking to it!

There is much more to come, I will prove out this theory, as Kathleen Rice put it “to the nth degree.”


I will be back !!


The Last Boy Scout


Steve Bataan Trial Testimony-versus-Taped Interview 5 Years Later


Hello My Friends,

Here is an interesting little video snippet that I put together to show how the prosecutor led the jury down his path and away from the truth.

As much as I believe that Robert Golub is guilty of participating in the murder of Kelly Ann Tinyes, you can see how Dan Cotter never allowed the jury to hear the truth about John J Golub and his role in the murder.

There is much more to come.

Standby !!

Justice For Kelly

I will be back! And back again!!


The Last Boy Scout



Hello My Friends,

I have just added 15-year old Steve Bataan’s trial video to the available list. More to come over the weekend.

 Just in case I missed him, has anyone seen John J. Golub so far in this trial? Just thought I would check!



The Last Boy Scout