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The Legacy of Denis Dillon – Muck and Mire


Hello My Friends, 

This is directed to Shar001. This sounds like the mutual admiration society, LOL. The diehards like us will get a resolution to this case. It really isn’t all that complicated. I believe that Kathleen Rice is mired in the skeletons and political muck left by Denis Dillon. 

It was a huge shock to Dillon’s ego; I’m sure, to find himself without a place to hang his hat everyday. It must have been like the Golub’s trying to clean out 30 years of garbage from their house, so that they could move to Florida. I bet the shredders were on fire right after he got the news. Dillon was a very shrewd and Wiley politician. He used his influence in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Rockville Centre to grant favors to those that followed his particular avenue of faith.

In many areas of this case, all you have to do is connect the dots. It is not by coincidence that John J. Golub was allowed to walk away from this homicide without ever being brought to task for his part in it. Elizabeth Golub strolled the same avenue of faith as Denis Dillon, she had an intermediary from the church sitting by her side throughout Robert Golub’s trial. 

There was no way that Denis Dillon was going to let Liz Golub lose two sons to this terrible murder. He knew about JJ’s involvement right from the first days of the investigation. Every detective that worked on the case knew what was happening, those that didn’t like what they saw, were removed from the case. 

After twenty years, most, if not all, have either retired or died. They all did as they were ordered to do, after all, who is going to commit career suicide and go up against Denis Dillon? So what difference does it make now? Robert Golub was tried, convicted and has spent the last 23 years incarcerated in a NYS prison. Still telling the same story that he did not kill Kelly Tinyes and he does not know who did. 

That my friends is Brotherly Love for you. Too bad JJ does not feel the same way. He wants to see Robert spend the rest of his un-natural life in prison. And for good reason, Kathleen Rice does not want to see Robert Golub given any possibility of freedom, why you ask? I believe the answer is in the legal and illegal chicanery that took place during Dillon’s time in office. What transpired then, is like a pox on her office now. 

A can-o-worms, if you will, probably only one of many, many she inherited from her self anointed demigod predecessor, after all, he had 30 years to accumulate his sins and these sins were not forgiven during confession. 

I have much more to say on this subject, stayed tuned. 


“There is no crueler tyranny than that which is exercised under cover of law, and with the colors of justice …”

 – U.S. v. Jannotti, 673 F.2d 578, 614 (3d Cir. 1982)

I will be back, and back again!!!

God Bless Kelly Ann and the Tinyes family,

With All My Heart,

The Last Boy Scout


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  1. One Who Knows permalink
    02/17/2012 9:03 am

    The website is great and I totally agree with your blogs and I know that Kathleen Rice did have info that
    could have gotten JohnJ and possibly the others, at the last minute for what reason we
    do not know she pulled out of it.Some District Attorney she is that’s what she’s there for
    to uphold the law and she failed in this case. She was not gutsy enough to proceed
    and if she would have I think it would have considerably boosted her reputation!

    • 02/17/2012 1:37 pm

      Hello Dear Friends hope you’re all keeping well :)

      This is Directed to ” One Who Knows”
      WElcome to the new forum, we hope you make yourself at home here. ~This websie contains, never seen before information, and it is beautifully created, in respect to Kelly Ann Tinyes, as you know we’re eager to put that little * bleep* creep behind bars, or behind a truck as it reverses at 100 miles per hour. That would cure his personality. :(
      Please feel free to read everything on here. Looking forward to a discussion, again. :)

      I was dumfounded, when I read you’re post. It’s one thing, and BAD enough, if she had been going through the motions off this case, and not looking too hard. However, this is far worse, I mean she had this in the palm of her hand on these boys, then took a concious decision not to do anything, at the last minute. did someone threaten her?……..God above, at this rate she will still stand for election?It’sot just about doing the right thing here, she is politically throwing her career down the toilet, also we waited in anticipation and there was no news, no apology to the public…I hope she consoled The Tinyes family, at the very least. Someone will beat her about the head with all off this, and rightly so. All this secret, sinnister, underhanded & double dealing behaviour, really makes you wonder, who is taking control off John Jay, and they are pulling Kathleen Rices strings, or was it that she didn’t want her fellow men to be exposed?….someone has to be behind this and so on. This person has to be powerful, and good at covering up, maybe more than one. These 3 boys were ‘loud mouths’ and of average intelligence, whaat I’m saying is, they are such loosers, so do we really beleive these 3 have kept ahead off the law in the last twenty years plus…on there own?

      It could be that, John Jay is benefitting from this scenario. Without the person having any good will towards him. Put this with the way Dennis Dillen behaved, and you have a conspiricy theorists dream.

      My dream come true is that Kelly can tell us what happened to her, in the third person. For she was a person, an innocent who was obliterated as though she never had existed. Her existance, in the disturbed mind off the Golubs, was to serve this premeditated, sexual attack, maybe planing worse than just rape. Then again, they wouldn’t dare rape Kelly, because she would have told her parents, Mr. Tinyes would have beat them from here to kingdom come! Ask yourself, ;was murder in mind. ? As for little Ritchy coming to the Golub home, as unexpected as it was, I truly doubt that they would have cared about this situation.anyway, maybe hoped her little brother would think she had ran away
      I’m looking forward to hearing olther opinions on this.
      God Bless

      God Bless Kelly, an angel who will finally become an eagle when she flys. Love you Kelly.

      Shar ~ xxx

  2. 02/11/2012 9:52 am

    Congratulations on the web site, you’ve done a great job.
    The information you have makes very scary reading, this Dillon guy, and on the face of it ,the church lending a shred of credance to the Golub “camp” if not sitting right in it, is disgusting. I was amazed to learn about the church councilor sitting with Ma Golub during the trial. Isn’t that a bit like a missionarry knocking on the door of castle dracula?
    A while ago either the DA or Police said the case was mysterious, that would have been because half the facts were not missing but apparently suppressed. I think more than John Jay will be looking over their shoulder.
    And these types have the affront to dare walk into a church? It’s a wonder the Altar doesn’t blow up.
    There’s a saying goes along the lines of “Evil wins when good men do nothing”,…well good people ARE doing something-so John Jay and co are stuffed.

    Justice for Kelly.

  3. 02/11/2012 4:49 am

    Hello TLBS.

    Hi, hope that you’re well and everyone on here is. Thankyou so much for the invitation, which I have accepted, I guess thats obvious :)
    I’m still uncertain off the way things work in this format, please be patient with me. I will contribute as much as I can and will do that with pride. I feel closer to Kelly just being here with you all. I linked this website on to my Face book page with a drawing I did of Kelly, and posted it on to the other forum. I really hope that you approve.

    As always…I’m in tune
    Staying tuned……
    I’ll be back again even more in tune….:)

    Thankyou and Godbless you all.
    Justice For Kelly ~~~.

  4. 02/09/2012 4:07 pm

    Hello Dear friend, ‘The Last Boy Scout’,

    Lol yes it is like a mutual appreciation society, or admiration, if you will. Honestly over here in the U.K some people were interested in this case when I spread the word, but in truth they were all confused and really didn’t understand what was what. Not only in The U.K but some from all over would ask me, “Who the hell is Battan and McCmahon”? :)

    WE cant help it that we’re all so brilliant can we? *smiles*, as you know i’m just trying to enlighten my writing to you.
    I’m grateful to you for taking the time to explain the American legal system. I always did suspect the foul play and Kathleen Rice being so cowardly, afraid to open up that can off worms. I think she could well be reluctant to press ahead as it would cause heads to fall in the law enforcement camp.

    AS for the Golubs they really do make me sick.
    They appear to me to have out stripped the DA and the police in reaction time.
    While the Police Keystone cop the investigation, the Golubs seem to have assessed the situation, realized Robert was a gonner, and then offered him up, could this have been in the hope of the police going all out for him at the expense of doing a better job of the case?
    Then John Jay is whisked away to that school all done very quickly.

    Or are they just normal people and John Jay did no wrong, he really ran off to do charity work then entered the preisthood………maybe too much sarcasim there? Sorry.

    I always said you cant really blame the Golubs for what their sons did but you can blame them for the reaction towards Kelly’s murder, and the aftermath. Thinking back now Liz Golub was far too free in her choice of words to Kelly’s mother, down right disgusting and it looks like she knew she would get away with it, same goes for Pa Golub with his bizarre and sordid behaviour. I’m hesitant to be saying too much on this subject.
    As for brotherly love, or something else, Robert always thought John Jay was ‘the great one’, well we can see that little bro never shared his brothers devotion, they all saw Robert as the ‘sad one’ and he really is, once again this would make you wonder who planned this, literally both off them, but you cant help but wonder if John Jay premediated this from the beginning.

    I will get more confidence as time goes along as I dedicate my time to this new website, and beleive me I have much more that I want to say, but i’ll go with the flow. Thankyou again for keeping me updated on the legal side and ovcourse everything else. This is vitally important. As long as we all stick together, is what is needed here, and we always have. As you say we are ‘die hards’ :)

    I am staying tuned……………..

    Take care everyone.

    Justice for Kelly. ~

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